Funding and Allocations

How is the money donated by members allocated to Linn-Mar programs? Academic, athletic, fine arts and organized clubs at the Middle School and High School level are eligible to submit funding requests to the Linn-Mar Booster Club. Requests are made through school administration and all decisions on funding are made by the school administration. Requests are submitted in the spring of the current school year for the next year funding cycle. Due to the nature of this process, the Booster Club is not able to earmark individual contributions for specific programs.

Do you deny requests for funding?

Every attempt is made to provide some level of funding for all eligible requests made during the funding cycle, even if the entire amount is not available. If an organization is not on the allocation list, is very likely that they did not submit a funding request. In other cases, funding for a program may be shared with another program or included in a consolidated request.

Where does the money come from?

In addition to our member donations, Linn-Mar Booster Club raises money through concessions, team and group photo sales, clothing sales and selling of sports programs.

How much money has the Booster Club raised?

In the past ten years the club has raised over $1.3 million, including $130,000 for the current ’21-’22 school year. See Budget Allocation.


How do I volunteer?

The Booster Club is able to donate generously to Linn-Mar programs because of all the volunteer hours put in by the Linn-Mar community. See our volunteer page if you are interested in volunteering to help at concessions. If your child(ren) are involved in activities supported by the Booster Club, you may also hear from the volunteer coordinator from that group. These coordinators help the Booster Club recruit volunteers to help at events during time periods when their group is not active.


How do I buy an advertisement in the athletic programs?

Please contact the Booster Club at lmboosters@gmail.com. Advertising space is available for as little as $125. Booster Club now produces both a Fall/Football Program and a Winter Sports Program and great deals are available for both programs. In addition to your ad, all business sponsors are also recognized on the membership posters at the football stadium, the common areas of the High School gym and fine arts, the Middle Schools and the ball plex.

Clothing Sales

Where can I get Linn-Mar logo clothing?

The school now has a School Store operated by the school’s Business Department located in the south foyer entrance to the High School. Come check it out! We will also continue to sell merchandise at the Stadium Store during football games. You can also visit our online store.