Group Representatives (Reps)

Our Booster Club uses a Group Representative (Rep) format for staffing concession stand events, patterned after other schools.  To receive Booster Club funds and to be fair to everyone, all groups must provide concession workers.

  • Each of the instructors, coaches or sponsors finds a parent representative(s) Rep for their particular group. The coach/instructor provides a list of parents, their phone/e-mail addresses to their respective Rep. Or – the coach/instructor may choose to find concession workers themselves.
  • This Rep will work directly with our Volunteer Coordinator Lori Hannan, LMBoosterClubVolunteers@gmail.com, in finding workers from their particular group. The Vol Coordinator will send out a signup link to the Rep of an assigned group who will in turn send it to the parents of that respective group.
  • All events will be prescheduled several weeks ahead with a schedule sent to the Rep.

Working concession stands is fun, gets more parents involved & is for a good cause.