Group Representatives (Reps)

Our Booster Club uses a Group Representative (“Rep”) format for staffing concession stand events, patterned after several other schools.  All of the groups that work concessions receive annual funding from the Club.

  1. Each of the music instructors and coaches find one parent representative “Rep” for their particular group. They are to provide a list of parents, their phone/e-mail addresses to their respective rep.
  2. This “rep” will work directly with our Volunteer Coordinator Aimee Noehren, LMBoosterClubVolunteers@gmail.com in finding workers from their particular group (example: parent rep for  Soph FB would use the Soph FB parents list to draw on) for their assigned event.
  3. All events will be prescheduled several months ahead with a schedule sent to all reps. Reps will need to find between two and six workers per event (mostly four)  depending on the type of event. A maximum of twelve workers per rep are needed annually (out of a total of 500).
  4. A maximum of three annual events are assigned per rep (out of a total of 150 event slots). Depending on the schedule, this would be one each for fall, winter & spring/summer.
  5. Worker events are three hour slots and involve mostly Tues, Thurs, Friday nights  and some  Sat / Sun daytime  tournaments. Assigned events would vary per group – one time may  be a fall Fri  night  football, next time a  winter Sat tourney, next time a summer Tues night baseball. Evening events are 6-9 PM, week end  9 AM – 12 noon;  12 noon – 3 PM;  3-6  PM.   Someone from Boosters will meet the workers at the concession stand to help them get started.
  6. Rep’s groups would never work their own event – example: boys basketball may be assigned a volley ball and vice – versa.
  7. Each sports “rep” will receive a twelve punch pass for free admission to school events. Each event worker will receive a concession coupon good for a free food and drink item

Working concession stands is fun and this format works very well as it gets more parents involved.